Courageous Diva’s Circle of Inspiration and Hope

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Courageous Diva’s Circle of Inspiration and Hope

In September 2018, I started a group entitled, “Courageous Diva’s Circle of Inspiration and Hope”.   The purpose of the group is to share testimonies that will  encourage, inspire and give hope to individuals facing (or have faced) life challenges. The gatherings and workshops also provide empowering information and fun activities related to health disparities and other life challenges.

You are invited to join us on the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 PM to hear a testimony that will surely encourage, inspire and give hope. The gatherings are held at John Booth Senior Center located at 2601 E Baltimore Street (Patterson Park), Baltimore, Maryland 21224. Everyone and all ages are welcomed!

Next Gathering…
May 15, 2019 – Our guest speaker will be Tia Timpson, an Ambassador for the American Heart Association. She suffered a massive stroke at the young age of 20. Tia’s testimony does not end with what she is incapable of, but her survivor story tells you how she overcame this challenge and all the things she has been able to accomplish in spite of her challenges.

   If you have any questions and/or have a testimony that you would like to share,  click here to contact me or click here to register for the next gathering.  Please feel free to spread the word!   

Gathering to… Encourage, Inspire and Give hope

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