Speaker & Exhibitor Engagements…

As a Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate and Spokesperson, Barbara Palmer aka Courageous Diva is available for speaker and exhibitor engagements at local, national, and international conferences, summits, seminars, retreats and other breast cancer awareness (or public health) events. To book or to request information about booking Courageous Diva for a Breast Cancer Awareness speaking engagement, interview and/or exhibit, click here to submit a Speaker/Exhibitor Request.

Just Minding My Business Promo 350

Listen to “Courageous Diva” on Spreaker.

A special “Thank you” goes to Ida Crawford (producer and host) and Ruth Haskins (co-producer and co-host) of the “Just Minding My Business” Radio Show for the opportunity to share information about Breast Cancer Awareness and much needed resources during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018.

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