Exercise and Breast Cancer Support

Barbara Palmer, a two time breast cancer survivor and active Brick Bodies club member has embraced fitness with a Healthy and Happy Spirit . Barbara knows all too well about the journey of challenges and adversities with breast cancer, so come be encouraged and inspired with the Courageous Diva.
•Do you need someone to listen to your fears and concerns
while your go through your cancer journey
•Do you need someone to make you laugh when you feel
like crying or do you just want to cry
•Do you need group support
•Do you need one on one support

Our goal is to start a support group which will include a 30 minute work out followed by a mind and spirit session to allow the participants to express their emotions, fears, and concerns amongst others who are going through or have
been through the cancer journey.

This is open to non-members.

For more information, please contact Barbara Palmer at 1-410-996-4915 or via
e-mail courageousdiva2011@yahoo.com


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