Is Chemo Brain Real?

Those of you who have been through chemotherapy have probably noticed some changes with your cognitive skills.  Those around you have noticed that you now may have problems remembering things.  This effect is known as “chemobrain”.   Chemobrain describes the difficulty with the cognitive ability of mentally processing or understanding things after chemotherapy and other cancer […]

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As we near the end of National Breast Cancer Month, it doesn’t mean we put in on the back burner until next October.  It means we should remain diligent in doing our monthly self-breast exams and yearly annual mammograms.  Remember, early detention is the key.     I know some of you use the excuse that you […]

How To Support A Friend Who Has Cancer

If you have not experienced cancer yourself, I am sure you know of someone who has.  Being told by a loved one that they have cancer can be a very frightening thing.  This admission makes each of us realize how vulnerable we are and perhaps it could be you getting this diagnosis.  As a result, […]

Why Did I Get Cancer?

Why did I get cancer?  That is a question many of us may have when we get our cancer diagnosis.  I eat right, I exercise and I am a good person that treat others the way I want to be treated so why am I the person now facing this battle that can take my […]