Tips To Help You Thrive Through Your Cancer Journey


Courageous Diva PhotoGetting a cancer diagnosis is a very scary experience that will change your life forever. However, as you go through your journey day by day, I do have a few tips to assist you through this very challenging time in your life.


  • Connect to a higher power to draw strength in your dark moments.




  • Remember…it’s ok to cry.  Crying is a great way to relieve stress. Holding your emotions in can lead to depression and anxiety. I’m sure most of you reading this blog has had a good cry and can attest to the fact that afterwards it improved your mood.



  • Journaling is an easy way to express your feelings and document your journey. Writing about something as stressful and as difficult as cancer can be healing. In fact, there is scientific research showing that expressing your inner most thoughts and feelings can reduce stress and promote a range of other physical, emotional and social benefits.




  • Laugh — Remember this is a temporary situation.   Laugh at your new bald head and the fact that you cannot remember anything anymore. If you have to get a double mastecomy and if you elect to have reconstruction,  rejoice that your twins will now defy gravity.  Laughter also makes your body relax, improves your immune system and helps you cope.




There are more tips I will share in my next blog, but meanwhile, DARE TO LIVE BOLDLY!!

Courageous Diva


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