More Tips To Help You Thrive Through Your Cancer Journey

Courageous Diva PhotoLast week I gave you a few tips to help you through your cancer journey and I promised I would provide you with more tips this week so here we go.


  • Have a good support network whether its friends, family, healthcare providers or others that have gone through a cancer journey.  Stay away from negative and toxic people who drain you.


Team of support people


  • Isolation — When going through your cancer journey there may be times when you want to isolate yourself from friends and family.  Remember it is OK to say no if you don’t feel like talking or having company over to visit you.


Isolation picture


  • Emotionally a cancer diagnosis can cause havoc on you mentally….especially if you have had or have to have a mastectomy.  You may still have psychological or image issues.  Seek professional help if needed.


therapist picture


  • If you are having a bad that one good girlfriend that can make you laugh.  We all have one.  Connect with those that make you feel good.




  • If you have children you need to tell them you have cancer in a language they will understand.  There are resources available to advise you how to explain to your children that you have cancer based on their age range.


Parent child


  • Lastly, if you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer… be strong…things will get better.  It may be a little stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.  Whether you have cancer or  some other type of serious illness or challenge, strength will find you sooner than you thought it would.

Kick cancer’s butt!


Boxing gloves


Until next time, continue to Dare To Live Boldly!



Courageous Diva














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